Hei/Hola/Hello! Nice to see you here.


It’s me

I’m Janni, a Finnish graphic designer & illustrator based in Helsinki & Barcelona. I love creative projects and visualising brand narratives. I have a master’s degree from Aalto University (Helsinki) where I studied branding and graphic design. A couple years later I completed my studies with a postgraduate degree of creative illustration at Eina Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art (Barcelona). 

I am specialised in brands and their visual identities. I have an ability to transform the feeling of the brand into a visual form so that it communicates the core messages, in a voice that talks to the right audiences.

My portfolio shows only selected work but I have over 8 years’ experience of design tasks so if you are interested in seeing something specific, I’d be happy to tell you more. Just send me an e-mail: janni.valkealahti@gmail.com. Feel free to follow me on Instagram. You can also see more of my background on Linkedin or check out my illustrations on my Behance page.

Some projects I’ve been part of:




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